Industry - 'Stand up and be counted'

British industry is being given the chance to ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ – in a bid to pass on vital knowledge and experience in the fight to ‘STEM’ the skills shortage.

Al Parkes, Semta

The STEM Exchange, pioneered by The Stem Alliance, is a new initiative commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation designed to bring further education and industry together. The initiative is being delivered by Semta, the not for profit organisation building engineering skills for the future.

Semta's chief operating officer Al Parkes believes the Stem Exchange to be a key component in fixing a hiatus that has held Britain back.

“Any nation hoping to prosper in an ever more competitive market place – would ensure that its education system was a conduit to fulfil industry’s needs.

“Equipping the young with the very skills and knowledge needed by business would be top of the list – why would it be any other way?

“Alas that has not been the case here in the UK – industry and education have not been sufficiently integrated.

“We at Semta have been working tirelessly to put in place a skills pipeline that is fit for purpose.

“The task is made harder by having to carry out a major retrofit rather than starting from scratch.

“We are giving industry the chance to open its doors and throw light on what skills the nation really needs to go about its business.

“The exchange of knowledge could be anything from a walk on the shop floor or introduction to your business to bite-sized work shadowing, advice over the phone or the opportunity to attend an internal training session. 

“This is about helping teaching practitioners understand business needs, the technologies in use and the challenges so they can shape their teaching to align with industry requirements.”

More than 250 businesses have already registered to participate in a myriad of ways – with many more expected to sign up in the next few weeks.

  1. An introductory video – aimed at businesses across the country – gives a step by step guide as to how to get involved.
  2. Business has five great reasons to sign up to The STEM Exchange, according to Parkes. 
  3. Ensure STEM teaching keeps pace with advances in industry
  4. Increase the supply of well-qualified, talented individuals with the right skills to meet business needs
  5. Demonstrate credentials as an industry leader
  6. Increase competitiveness
  7. Influence policy decision making that impact on business

The Stem Exchange video Can Be Viewed at

Stem Exchange - Get Involved



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