Progress your network - global careers await talented young professionals

Anil Iyer, COO ACE

ACE's Progress Network provides an unmissable forum for career development for every young professional in engineering and consultancy, says Anil Iyer.

The current boom in our industry has unleashed opportunities worldwide particularly to young professionals in the workforce at an unprecedented scale. 

More of UK’s younger staff in the industry are travelling overseas than ever before, and as a consequence the need for a greater awareness of different business cultures, interpretation of ethics and code of conduct and the plethora of risks associated with working abroad has never been more paramount.

"One of the best opportunities to obtain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges in one day is ACE’s International Conference on 20 May 2015"


Click here to access the special Progress Network £100 delegate rate

ACE has a thriving and active collective of young professionals working in the natural and built environment known as Progress Network that operates across UK and will soon also be established in the Middle East. 

Progress Network helps develop business skills, promote understanding of key industry issues and provides a platform for young professionals to network and meet industry leaders, all contributing to one of ACE’s key objectives which is to promote the industry to next generations to ensure continuity of expertise. 

Progress Network operates across the industry. And you don’t have to work for an ACE member company to join. In fact,  you can work for any consultant, contractor, public or client body associated with the natural and built environment and, of course, students are also welcome.

Over the past 12 months, the flurry of international activity has been quite apparent among Progress Network members, and many events are tailored to understanding the challenges of international work. 

One of the best opportunities to obtain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges in one day is ACE’s International Conference on 20 May 2015 which I would strongly recommend to all young professionals engaged in or are considering working on international projects. 

The conference is relevant to small and medium size organisations as well as large – size is no bar to international work! 

The conference will qualify for one day CPD certification – if you are under 35, you simply need to register on ACE’s website to join Progress Network. This is free and is very easy to do - simply floow this link.

Then once you are registered you can attend the International Conference at the special discount rate of £100 (click here).  It will be a day well spent!

ACE International Conference 

Maximising Global Infrastructure Opportunities

The annual gathering for UK-based global infrastructure experts and professionals: delivering unique insight on current and future global business opportunities, post-recession drivers of change, investment strategies and successful approaches to navigating market entry risks and barriers.

Join ACE members, partners and supply chain to hear 20+ senior industry speakers and discuss the following key topics:

  • How to take advantage of growing global infrastructure opportunities
  • How best to manage the risk of overseas business opportunities.
  • What is the international role for small and medium sized businesses?
  • The infrastructure growth hot spots – by country and sector
  • Establishing a local presence for your business when chasing international clients.
  • Overcoming the barriers to international market entry.
  • How to effectively negotiate the bureaucratic and regulatory challenges of building businesses abroad.
  • How to benefit from opportunities presented by market consolidation in consultancy