London event to look at doing 'more for less' with smart technology

Senior decision makers from the public and private sectors will gather this week to look at the practical steps which can be taken to apply smart technology, exploit big data and deliver more for less.

Smart technology and the improved analysis provided by big data has the potential to transform the way the UK meets its core environmental and sustainability challenges of air pollution, water management, waste and recycling, energy management and climate change. 

There is increasing interest in using smart technology innovations to do ‘more for less’, helping cities and other local places to meet their environmental obligations more efficiently and, by extension, more cost effectively. 

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) and the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy Planning and Transport (ADEPT) have teamed up to organise the half-day event, Smartly Sustainable: Using Smart Technology to do 'more for less', which takes place in central London on Wednesday 18 April 2018 starting at 12 noon.

Building on the work of the event will bring together senior decision makers to look at how best to deliver smart city and smart tech principles in practice - from cities, to towns, to rural areas. Attendees at the event will include the full range of stakeholders necessary to drive this agenda forward, and provide a neutral platform for the sharing of ideas, case studies and best practice.

Sam Ibbott, head of smart cities at the EIC, said: “This event will open up a discussion on the use of smart technologies to do ‘more for less’ - helping cities, towns and other places to meet their environmental and sustainability obligations more efficiently and more cost effectively. It will draw together those with budgetary responsibility at city level with the necessary senior industry stakeholders to shape a policy, technological and financial understanding of how this concept can be delivered in practice.”

Key sessions and case studies at the event include: -

  • Technology trends helping cities and places meet environmental and resilience challenges
  • Connecting the public sector with smart, agile and innovative start-ups to transform environmental service delivery
  • Practical experience of implementing smart solutions to cut costs and improve urban environments
  • Using smart solutions and big data to help local authorities deliver ‘more for less’
  • Prioritising and justifying investment in smart sustainability
  • Smart meters and energy management
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Flood and water management
  • Air pollution
  • Engaging citizens - what are the challenges and opportunities?
  • Managing the costs of smart procurement

Tickets for the event are free for the public sector, £50 for EIC/ACE members, and £100 for others. 

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