Atkins to deliver masterplan for around 1,600 homes in West Midlands

CGI design from LDA Design of what the development could look like.

Atkins is set to deliver a masterplan for a major urban extension in the West Midlands.

The engineering and design consultancy, working with supply chain partners LDA Design and Levitt Bernstein, has been appointed as master planner and multi-discipline designer for Home England’s 40% portion of the 4,000 homes that remain to be delivered as part of the South West Rugby Urban Extension.

The scheme will make a significant contribution to meeting housing needs, including affordable housing, in the area, while also providing new schools, healthcare, retail provision, green areas, community spaces and infrastructure improvements for the wider community.

Joanne Farrar, project director for Atkins, said: “This is a hugely significant development that will help to meet the real need for housing in this part of the West Midlands. But this is about more than simply building houses to meet the acute demand. 

“This project and the physical and social infrastructure that it will deliver will create truly thriving places based on safe and secure homes, producing better social value outcomes. 

“It also represents a priority development with a clear focus on creating a sustainable community where people can live, work and play for generations.”

Ben Frodsham, senior planning and enabling manager for Homes England, added: “Atkins has been providing services for Homes England for many years and has a strong track record of delivery both nationally and in the Midlands region.

“The team was able to demonstrate a joined-up and efficient approach to the scheme, bringing some trusted supply chain partners in to add additional value including LDA Design and Levitt Bernstein. 

“We have great confidence they will deliver what is needed to support Homes England in the delivery of a vibrant, sustainable and successful new community in south-west Rugby.”

The Homes England land and infrastructure on the site comprises approximately 40% of the total development, and is one of the largest in the region for the housing and regeneration agency. The urban extension project is the largest single commission to come to Atkins from the current Homes England Framework, with the contract set to run until 2025. 

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