BOOK NOW: ACE emerging professionals host two webinars this month

The ACE emerging professionals network has two keenly anticipated webinars coming up this month.

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering’s emerging professionals network has two keenly anticipated webinars coming up this month, with online events on Tuesday 18 August and Thursday 27 August set to focus on two clear and significant points of interest for industry professionals.

The influential emerging professionals are currently exploring ideas around the future of the workplace, and both webinars are set to provide key input into their research.

Tuesday 18 August sees the London and south-east group take centre stage with Designing Differently: The Lloyd’s Building.

Then, on Thursday 27 August, the north-west group explore the significance of mentoring and reverse mentoring, with The Power of Mentoring: Accelerate Your Career.

Tuesday 18 August: Representing a pivotal point in British architecture, the Lloyd’s ’86 Building divides opinion between users and critics alike. The London and south-east group look back at the design of this famous London building and the lessons it can teach us for the future.

Rob Kinch and Hannah Ducas of WSP will guide webinar attendees through the journey of the history and background of this iconic building and how it was designed and built.

Kinch led the structural engineering teams designing the satellite towers around the perimeter, which provide vertical access routes for people and services, and the plantrooms that sit on top of them, together with a large number of other elements.

Kinch and Ducas will help attendees to understand more about this divisive building - and what the industry can learn for the future of the workplace.

Thursday 27 August: The north-west group look at the significance of mentoring and reverse mentoring. Regional chair of the north-west group, Jordan McGlacken of WSP, will be joined by his childhood professional mentor John Kemp, senior vice president at Kroll, to provide an insight into the uniqueness of the mentor-mentee relationship and the value it holds.

Dr Femi Omoniyi, executive board member of the mentoring team at the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE), will highlight some the important work AFBE do around providing young under-represented talent with the role models and mentors they need to thrive in the engineering industry.

Finally, Rebecca King and Nushma Juwaheer of Curtins will guide attendees through the ACE's reverse mentoring pilot project, exploring what happens when the traditional mentoring model is turned on its head.

Current and future budding industry professionals are welcome to join the webinar, and understand more about mentoring, reverse mentoring and their place in the future workplace.


1) Designing Differently: The Lloyd’s Building.

Tuesday 18 August 2020: 12.30pm.

This webinar is sponsored by WSP.

2) The Power of Mentoring: Accelerate Your Career

Thursday 27 August 2020: 12pm.

This webinar has been organised in partnership with AFBE-UK, Curtins, Kroll and WSP.

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