EQTEC forms new Irish collaboration

Jeffrey Vander Linden, COO of EQTEC

EQTEC has signed a collaboration framework to bring syngas projects to Ireland and Europe.

The global technology innovator has signed the agreement with Domi Ost, an Irish development and project management company dedicated to bringing advanced biofuel production to Ireland, other European markets and the UK.

This is the latest in a series of announcements by EQTEC as it continues to deliver on its strategy of working with top tier partners and demonstrating the route to market for its advanced syngas technology. 

The two companies have identified four projects to pursue together and have already undertaken qualification on one of them, including engagement with the prospective client.

They will collaborate on the design and development of projects in Ireland that deploy EQTEC synthesis gas technology for conversion of forestry, agricultural, industrial, municipal or other waste into renewable natural gas, hydrogen or other advanced applications such as ethanol or methanol. 

Jeffrey Vander Linden, COO of EQTEC, said: “EQTEC’s ability to design, model, deploy and commission its proprietary and patented process technology to produce highly efficient, versatile and clean syngas from a wide range of waste types makes us uniquely fit for a range of offtake applications, including advanced biofuels. 

“We are pleased to extend our engagement with RNG and hydrogen opportunities and to explore the potential for syngas-to-ethanol or similar applications.

“We have long been interested in working more in Ireland, and with the government’s commitment to decarbonisation standing alongside increasing investor interest in supporting the journey, we are very happy to formalise our working relationship with Domi Ost.” 

Kieran Gaughan, director of Domi Ost, added: “Ireland is really just getting started with advanced energy applications such as those made possible by syngas-based solutions. 

“We at Domi Ost have always been passionate about bringing advanced biofuel production to Ireland, as well as to other European markets and the UK, so a collaboration with EQTEC is a natural choice for us in making that possible.

“Although syngas-based applications are not a one-size-fits-all solution for Ireland or anywhere else, they offer true potential for baseload energy and therefore for replacing fossil fuels. Given our commitment and the Irish government’s commitment to decarbonisation of the national grid, the syngas approach makes a lot of sense.”

Domi Ost will incubate and shape demand in Ireland and potentially other markets, manage stakeholders and drive project implementation. 

It will also source and contract key parties for investment and delivery of projects, leaving EQTEC to focus on engineering and core technology integration and licensing. 

The pair also envision working with other third parties for syngas-to-molecule applications, as well as for construction of new energy plants.

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