Straight Talk with Sadie Morgan – why good design matters

Chair of the HS2 Design Panel, member of the National Infrastructure Commission and founder of architecture practice dRMM  explains her vision to place design excellence at the heart of UK infrastructure. 

In the recent AECOM supported Straight Talk interview with Infrastructure Intelligence editor Antony Oliver, design champion Sadie Morgan insists that while good design is increasingly understood as central to the UK’s infrastructure future, the industry has to raise its game and really take advantage of the opportunities now being presented.

“Projects like [HS2] are a cry to everyone,” she explained. “Everyone has to step up, not just the designers but also the people who are going to construct it. Everyone has to think a bit more collectively and a bit more cleverly about how to mitigate those potential risks. Good design should mean things going quicker. It shouldn’t mean things going slower. 

She added: “What is becoming obvious around the world is the influence that great designers are having on projects that are seen as a great successes. Those people in power are now beginning to realise that they didn’t materialise from thin air. They had a group of very talented people involved. 

“I also passionately believe that good design does save money – and that is the crucial turning point in the minds of the public and the decision makers. Getting off the mind-set that bringing in a good designer will double the cost. It won’t. it will halve the cost.”

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