Video: Julia Groves, director Trillion Group on the power of environment sector

There is a growing appetite amongst the British public to invest in the environment sector and take advantage of opportunities that would normally be held for major investors, according to green investment expert Julia Groves

“The environmental sector is so undersold,” said Julia Groves, director of Trillion Fund speaking at the recent Environmental Industryies Commission annual conference.  “I am seeing more and more appetite in the m,arket ofor clean tec in vestment because people are beginning to understand that the world of business and home energy is going to be radically different in five years time.

However, Government policy flip-flop over renewable energy support has severely impacted investor confidence in the environment sector, she added.

The government giveth with one hand and taketh with the other,” said Groves who is also chief executive of the Crowdfunding Association.

“It has been phenomenal in opening up finance and changing the regulations so that we can all now take a stake in something we believe in,” she said. “But the challenge in any market is when you have flip flopping policy as we have currently around support for renewables as that really impacts investor confidence. It is hard to be able to see behind three months.”

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