Video: Laura Sandys explains why Europe is good for environmental business

Speaking at the recent EIC annual conference, former MP for South Thanet highlights the huge benefits to enviromental sector of EU membership.

European Union membership underpins business across the envoironmental sector, Laura Sandys, chair of European Movement UK told ACOonAir at the recdnt EIC annual conference.

Sandys, former Member of Parliament for South Thanet, said that the current debate ahead of a UK EU membership referendum has showed that businesses remained concerned about competitiveness and about the implications of the on-going uncertainty over whether the UK would stay in of leave the EU.

"We underestimate the number of busneses that are involved in enforcing and putting together environmental stafards atht have been set in Europe," she told the recent EIC conference. "Our business has got a voice. We are setting standards across Europe that offer businesses the opportunity to go out and access Europe."

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