Enabling Better Infrastructure programme launches worldwide

New programme launched to help global policy-makers plan better infrastructure for the good of society.

A new global policy programme that aims to help decision-makers grappling with the challenge of designing and delivering infrastructure for the long-term benefits of communities around the world has been launched at events in London, Singapore, Melbourne and Pretoria today. (Wednesday 4 December).

The Enabling Better Infrastructure programme offers insights to governments and decision-makers around the world on how to best plan and deliver infrastructure which achieves the most effective social and economic outcomes.

A new report, produced by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as part of the programme, is a primer for those interested in enabling better infrastructure around the world.

The report identifies 12 key principles for decision-makers to use as a straight-forward guide to the best ways to plan, implement and deliver major infrastructure. They include:

  • Identifying strategic objectives;
  • Creating a national infrastructure strategy;
  • Conducting cost-benefit analyses;
  • Identifying private sector involvement.

Along with a new resource hub on ICE’s website, it brings together case studies, advice and expert insight into how governments can undertake the process of prioritising and planning infrastructure. 

The report and the developing resource hub aim to become a useful one-stop shop resource for decision-makers across the world to use.

Sir Michael Bear, Enabling Better Infrastructure steering group chair, said: “Strategically planned infrastructure can help countries achieve the best social and economic outcomes for their citizens. The Enabling Better Infrastructure programme collates global case studies and learnings, across all areas of the infrastructure lifecycle, to help governments and decision-makers to achieve this.

“Civil engineers play an important role in helping deliver infrastructure that meets future needs and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, so it’s important that we harness our collective experience and work together to make a real difference.”

Nick Baveystock, ICE director general, said: “Infrastructure is critical to society’s economic, social and personal well-being. Delivering infrastructure effectively, efficiently, and with a focus on whole-life value to the end user is essential. Decision-makers across the world face many of the same challenges. This report draws out some common principles to support them, wherever they are in the world, in balancing and making choices as they plan their national infrastructure systems.” 

Having recognised that a large amount of guidance exists globally on how best to plan and deliver infrastructure, ICE led a programme of work to create a hub that brings this all together. The project was led by a steering group, comprised of individuals from organisations including OECD, UNOPS, KPMG and the Environmental Change Institute.

Click here to download the Enabling Better Infrastructure report.

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