How to create a flood resilient society for Britain – take your view to Parliament

With large swathes of the country suffering the worst flooding in decades, the political and social fallout from the UK’s flood defence and mitigation policies has clearly only just begun. 

Although perhaps hard to see for those now clearing up, drying out or preparing for more rain, engineering technology for flood mitigation in the built environment has actually made significant progress in recent years. 

Investment in this technology is of course the key, and while there is no doubt that the country’s flood defences have received a significant boost since the last major floods of 2007, we still have a long way to go to protect society at large from the devastating effects of flooding.

This starts with better communication and getting this message across to the nation’s decision makers is therefore critical. Infrastructure Intelligence has teamed up with UK Flood Barriers to co-host an evening reception at the House of Commons on 11 March designed specifically to help to make this point.  

The event: “Britain Prepared – A Flood Resilient Society” will showcase Britain’s capability to design world class flood defence solutions, and demonstrate how the UK is establishing itself as an innovation powerhouse in the global flood defence market.  

As the spectre of flooding looms relentlessly over local communities, this timely event provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss how technology can be implemented effectively. It will explore how to improve both resilience to and awareness of flooding, as well as how to create a more robust infrastructure that can adapt to our changing climate.  

Innovation in flood defence technology incorporates cutting edge design that can protect rail infrastructure, power and utility infrastructure, agricultural and commercial buildings, as well as providing resilience at both a property and community level.  

UK innovation is being adopted globally by governments keen to safeguard a country’s built environment and critical infrastructure from increasing flood risk.  

Attendance at this reception is by invitation only and limited by space. If you are impacted by this topic and would like to register your interest in attending the event, which starts at 7pm on 11 March, contact katherine@ukfloodbarriers.co.uk  immediately. 

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