Digitalising infrastructure to fight climate change

In the race to net zero, buildings, energy networks and transportation infrastructure must all become much more sustainable - enabled by digital technologies which are widely available.

Reuters Events have partnered with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to host an executive online panel that will explore this critical area on Tuesday 15 February 2022. A webinar discussion will explore the new opportunities digital technology is providing across energy and the built environment in the race to net zero.

Industry-leading experts from Arup, Siemens AG, E.ON and Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation will provide their insights on the key challenges and opportunities facing infrastructure stakeholders as digitalisation becomes an increasingly important tool in the fight against climate change.

Some of the key discussion points will include: -

  • How to deliver infrastructure transformation: Adaptable by design, enabled by digitalisation, powered by clean energy.
  • Unlocking the power of data: Why measurement and analysis are becoming critical in the delivery of net zero infrastructure.
  • Why cross-industry collaboration is crucial: Examining the role of different sectors in infrastructure decarbonisation and how they can work together for mutual benefit.

Panellists for the event include: -

Will Cavendish, Global Digital Services Leader, Arup.
Matthias Rebellius, Member of the Managing Board and CEO Smart Infrastructure, Siemens AG.
Claire Harrold, City Energy Transformation Lead, E.ON UK.

Register for the live webinar below. If you can’t make it, all registrants will receive the recording link afterwards.

Digitalising infrastructure to fight climate change
Tuesday 15 February 2022 at 9am

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