Infrastructure carbon management PAS Standard to be created

The Construction Industry Council last week issued a tender document for a contract to lead development of a British Standard PAS standard to formalise the Green Construction Board’s Infrastructure Carbon Review tool.

Green Construction Board

The new PAS standard, entitled “Carbon Measurement and Management in Economic Infrastructure”, is intended to support the Infrastructure Carbon Review process by defining good practice and provide clear guidance to existing or future low carbon practitioners in infrastructure.

The CIC tender document seeks a technical author to lead the steering committee and prepare the detail of the PAS and, under a lump sum fixed price contract, work through the BSI process to deliver a PAS by the November 2015.

According to the tender document, the Infrastructure Carbon PAS will be targeted at individuals or groups who are or want to be low carbon practitioners in all the sectors of UK economic infrastructure.

It adds that by providing such clear guidance on the measurement and management of carbon, the Infrastructure Carbon PAS will enable consistency across each sector and throughout the value chain. 

The scope of the new standard will mirror that of the ICR and encompass:

  • UK economic infrastructure (Communications, Energy, Transport, Waste, Water)
  • Whole life carbon (including Capital, Operational and End-user Carbon)
  • Carbon that is under the control of UK economic infrastructure

The key principles of the standard are described as::

  • It must drive towards reduced carbon and reduced cost
  • It must be relevant to all parts of the value chain as defined in the ICR
  • It must be as clear and simple as possible

It is expected that the new standard will be published and available by the end of 2015.

For further details visit the CIC website here. Closing date for tender documents is 4 February. 

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