ACE role for Lady Barbara Judge

Lady Barbara Judge, the first woman to chair the Institute of Directors has been appointed chairman of  the Association for Consultancy and Engineering's Advisory Board as part of its diversity commitments.

Lady Judge has followed an illustrious career that started as a corporate lawyer with a top New York law firm and has held jobs in the US government, merchant bank Samuel Montagu & Co and advisor to the UK and Japanese nuclear industries including the chairmanship of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.She is currently Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Energy Institute at UCL.

In May 2015, Lady Judge was appointed the first female Chairman of the IoD in its 112-year history, and has been a strong supporter of encouraging women into professions long dominated by men, especially in the field of engineering. Judge succeeds Sir John Armitt who is standing down after serving six years as chairman.

Speaking on her appointment she said: “ACE’s Advisory Board has an important role to play in guiding the main board on strategic matters and ensuring it is contributing to the national debate on infrastructure.  

"This is a crucial time for the industry with much-needed investment a key priority for ACE to influence at national, devolved, regional and local levels.  ACE is synonymous with the highest standards of professionalism and is committed to shaping the development of the UK’s social and economic infrastructure policy, and I shall ensure that these values remain at the heart of the organisation."

ACE has also recognised the business imperative to embed a diverse and inclusive culture for positive sustainable change within its member firms, and I am committed to moving this important agenda forward.” 

The appointments was announced by Dr Nelson Ogunshakin chief executive of ACE speaking ahead of the launch of the association’s trailblazing report “Diversity & Inclusion – marginal or mandatory?”. Ogunshakin said:

“Barbara, brings a wealth of experience to ACE and her achievements speak for themselves.  She is a respected professional leader and mentor with vast experience in may industry sectors and has great vision and focus that will lead ACE in the future.  It is exciting to welcome herto ACE’s Advisory Board and I am confident she will bring a fresh perspective and momentum.  The benefit of her expertise will help us continue with ACE’s ongoing growth and support important campaigns such as tomorrow’s launch of our report on diversity and inclusion.

Companies can no longer have any excuses not to implement a diverse and inclusive culture in today’s modern work environment.  We ignore the issues at our peril and risk our industry faltering under the magnitude of challenges ahead.”


So - appointed as part of diversity commitments. Not appointed due to the self - evident skills and experience she brings. Bit more everyday sexism chaps eh?