Video: Waterloo-South-West Hub taking shape

Network Rail has released timelapse video footage from within Waterloo Station where the disused International Terminal is being converted as part of the £800m Waterloo-South-West Upgrade. The 400m long Eurostar platforms are being demolished and replaced with shorter platforms and a new track layout to accommodate the new Waterloo-South-West Hub. This has been designed to create greater capacity for domestic services between Waterloo and the south-west and west of London.

Network Rail route managing director Becky Lumlock, said: “The old International Terminal was designed to only accommodate six train services every hour. So, as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan we are transforming the former International Terminal into a hub for trains from Waterloo to Windsor and Reading.

"To do this, we’ve shortened platforms 21-24 and we’re using this surplus space to install new sections of track in their place. This will allow us to vastly increase the maximum number of services that can arrive and depart in the former International Terminal from six trains to 18 trains every hour. Enabling a much higher frequency of services into Waterloo is essential to increasing capacity at the station by 30% and providing a better railway to passengers.”