Atkins wins Egyptian water contract

Atkins has been appointed to develop more sustainable and efficient water management in Egypt.

Atkins has been appointed by German international development agency GIZ to help improve water management in Egypt. By creating a more sustainable, efficient and integrated approach to water management, the project aims to improve access to adequate drinking water and sanitation services for people across the country.

Over the next year, Atkins, supported by Chemonics Egypt Consultants, will help prepare guidelines and provide training for non-revenue water reduction, as well as assess the potential to realise value from wastewater sludge by developing two concept studies and standard contract documents for private sector participation. Atkins and Chemonics will also develop a Decision Support System for energy reduction measures in Egypt’s water sector.

Richard Leighton, team leader at Atkins, said: “Egypt faces numerous challenges, including rapid population growth, high population density, dwindling natural resources and an increasing demand for energy. This project will help Egypt realise value from wastewater by generating energy and other products and improve the environment by reducing the impact of sludge disposal. It will also enable water utilities to reduce water losses and energy consumption and thus allow this scarce resource to be better utilised.”

Atkins’ services on the project include advisory services for water engineering; energy management and contract formulation; financial and technical appraisal; development of the Decision Support Tool; training and capacity building; and Non-Revenue Water and Wastewater treatment. The project is anticipated to end in June 2021.

The project is a key part of Atkins’ growth strategy in the international water market, which includes a number of private sector participation and wastewater resource projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

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