Flood-hit areas of Bury to get £40m defences boost

CGI of the Radcliffe and Redvales flood defences.

Construction is now underway on a £40m flood defence scheme in the Radciffe and Redvales area of Bury, which was badly hit by flooding in 2015.

The scheme, part of the Environment Agency’s £2.6bn investment into flood defences across the country, will be delivered in two parts and has been designed to reduce the risk of flooding to over 800 local homes and businesses across Radcliffe and Redvales. It will also help keep transport routes and infrastructure open during times of flood, maintaining vital links in an area that was severely affected by flooding in December 2015.

Once completed, the first phase of works will see a 2.5m flood wall built at the rear of properties in Parkside Close, and a 3m-high earth embankment on the far side of the park with football pitches acting as a natural floodplain. Work in Close Park will also include the creation of new wildlife habitat and increased amenity areas for the public.

Peter Costello, area flood and coastal risk manager for the Environment Agency, said: Historically, flooding has had a devastating effect on people in both communities and this complex and significant scheme will ensure that flood defences in Radcliffe and Redvales provide the best standard of protection to local residents for many decades to come The scheme itself is a perfect example of the value of partnership working, but also how, when we are designing and building these incredible structures, we can regenerate the natural environment and public spaces while still making communities more flood resilient for the future.”

Designs for phase two of the scheme, which will include a combination of traditional walls and embankments along with new wetland habitat, are continuing. The planning application for Phase 2 will be submitted by the Environment Agency in September 2019 with construction to follow on from the completion of Phase 1.

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