Why ACE matters to members - your views needed

Over recent months SME engagement in ACE events and activities has considerably increased, the most recent being BIM seminars in London and Manchester. Progress Network (ACE’s group for the under 35’s) continues to blossom throughout UK with recent events held in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

ACE’s auto enrolment scheme for pensions – a huge benefit for SME’s – continues to attract interest. Combined with a subsidised mentoring programmes, ACE’s business helpline, the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium, guidance notes on best business practice, free room hire, a number of very active sector interest groups, industry recognition through ACE’s awards, and many opportunities to promote your company, there has never been a better time to engage with ACE - or if you are already engaged, to persuade others to do so.

A full list of membership benefits plus an easy to navigate ACE tube map that shows how they relate to each other can be found at www.acenet.co.uk/whyjoinace/73. 

If you would like to share an idea that may benefit your company and with which ACE may be able to help, please contact consult@acenet.co.uk

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