Apprentice stories – Ramone Morgan

Did you know that … Ramone Morgan, 17, is a part-time actor who once appeared in an episode of Doctor Who?


Did you also know that when Ramone Morgan is not acting, he’s an engineering apprentice at Troup Bywaters and Anders?

Me neither!

Morgan joined Troup Bywaters and Anders in September last year as an apprentice building services engineer. He joined through the Technician Apprenticeships Consortium (TAC), a scheme supported by ACE, and so far he has loved every moment of it.

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“I wanted to continue learning and gain experience within the engineering field of work,” he said. “So I decided to leave school after completing my GCSEs, as I felt that experience is just as important as further education. And with an apprenticeship you get both.”

When asked about what lured him toward building services, Morgan said it was an area that doesn’t receive as much recognition in the engineering sector. What intrigued him even more was the concept of “bringing a building to life”, which he found appealing.

As an apprentice, Morgan is working on various residential projects in London. He feels the daily pressure of working to tight deadlines represents his biggest challenge.

And while his ultimate goal is to become a chartered engineer, his advice to new apprentices is simple:

“Stay focused - that’s the key. If you lose focus it will be harder for you to learn new things as there’s a lot to learn!”

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