ACE launches manifesto for next London Mayor

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has launched its 2016 London Manifesto, with the aim of making sure the leading mayoral election candidates are focused on the big infrastructure challenge and aware of some sensible solutions. London has some significant housing and infrastructure capacity issues – and big growth numbers to accommodate.

Under headings of transport, utilities, housing, finance, sustainability and skills, the ACE London Manifesto sets out vital progress that the next Mayor must push on with. These are just a few of the highlights:

On transport: The next Mayor must continue work on Crossrail 2; Deliver more Thames crossings east of Tower Bridge; encourage more cycling and pedestrian measures; and target improvements at key pinch points in London's road network

On utilities: secure new sources of water; speak up for London's energy security; and grow access to high speed broadband

On housing: London needs 50,000 new homes each year (it's currently building about 24,000 per annum); the next Mayor has to do more to solve the shortage – by adoptig ACE's Land Optimisation Value Extraction model, for instance, rto ensure all parties involved in development benefit financially, so speeding up housebuilding.

On finance: £2.1 trillion of infrastructure is needed by 2050 according to the London plan; the next Mayor must find ways of attracting more private sector money, by matching pension funds to investment opportunities, for example.

By adopting the measures set out in the ACE manifesto, the next mayor can ensure a successful and long lasting legacy for London, said ACE chief executive, Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE.

“ACE has produced a manifesto that addresses head on the crucial challenges that this city faces to compete in the coming century and its recommendations will ensure we leave a better London for our children. We urge all the candidates to accept our proposals and make sure they are adopted as full policy if they win City Hall. This will guarantee their position in history as a true Mayor for London!”

At its current rate of growth, London's population (reported at 8.6 million last year) will reach roughly 10 million people by 2030, and 11.3 million people by 2050. Such a rise correlates directly to a greater need for infrastructure – transport, housing, and utilities. Skills must be fostered, funds put in place and effective plans made. All actions must maximise sustainability, but with the majority of infrastructure spending controlled by London Boroughs, plans often differ, losing potential effectiveness and fragmenting the ability to address needs in the Greater London area, the ACE manifesto says.

Throughout ACE’s London manifesto, it is stressed that devolution discussions must continue and responsibilities be settled. 

The chair of ACE London, Mathew Riley, said: “As the voice of the infrastructure industry, ACE London represents London’s infrastructure companies’ views and seeks to work collaboratively with the Greater London Authority on infrastructure issues. ACE London provides advice and support on transport, energy, water, housing and waste harnessing the knowledge of the world’s best engineering companies to meet the needs of London’s residents.”

Click here to download ACE London Manifesto 2016 and find out more about the ACE London Group