Budget 2016: £700m boost for flood defences

The chancellor has announced extra spending to help communities in the north that were badly affected by flooding during the winter.

As part of a £700m government boost to flood defence and resilience spending, £150m will be invested in flood defence schemes in Leeds, Cumbria, Calder Valley and York, which will better protect 7,400 properties. The government will also invest up to £25m in flood defences in Carlisle once the Environment Agency has concluded a review of its needs, and will provide funding to support delivery of the final phase of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme in later years subject to business case approval.

On top of the £49m already committed to repair transport infrastructure damaged by Storms Desmond and Eva, a further £130m is to be spent repairing roads and bridges in Cumbria, West Yorkshire, Northumberland, Greater Manchester, Durham and North Yorkshire.

It remains to be seen how any local authority cuts in the Budget impact on ongoing maintenance budgets and the upkeep of existing defences. One to watch as the detail becomes clearer.


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