TAC celebrating apprentices for the past seven years

With National Apprenticeship Week ongoing, Sheila Hoile, takes the time to reflect on the achievements of Technician Apprenticeship Consortium over the past seven years.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week - an opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.  The Technician Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC) has particular reason to celebrate its achievements over the past seven years.

The Technician Apprenticeship Consortium was established in 2010 and now plays a pivotal role in the development and delivery of technician and degree apprenticeships as well as providing advice and guidance for TAC companies as they meet the significant challenges posed by the introduction of the apprenticeship levy.  From modest beginnings which saw 6 companies recruit 8 young people onto a civil engineering technician apprenticeship programme at South Thames College in 2010 the consortium now celebrates the fact that

·       Over 1500 young people are either in training or have completed their apprenticeships in a range of engineering disciplines.

·       Many have gone on to further and higher education and are now registered as Engineering Technicians with either ICE or CIBSE.

·       20 companies are members of the TAC national group with many more involved at a regional level

·       TAC’s regional groups, working with local colleges, are committed to ensuring that the education and training provision and apprenticeship experience is of the highest quality and meets employer needs.

·       TAC has initiated and managed the development of technician apprenticeships in civil engineering, building services design, railway engineering design and transport planning all mapped to the requirements for registration as EngTech of the relevant professional engineering institution (ICE, IET, IMechE, CIBSE and CIHT)

·       Degree apprenticeships are now being developed for civil engineers and building services design engineers mapped to requirements for registration as IEng with the relevant professional engineering institution. The intention is to provide a progression route for those who have completed their technician apprenticeship, a chance to upskill existing staff and as an entry point for those with the right A levels. Subject to achieving government approval the degree apprenticeships are ready for delivery in September 2017.  Strong working relationships have been developed with a number of universities to make sure that the degree apprenticeship fully integrates the academic learning and work based competence development. The professional engineering institutions have been heavily involved in the development of the apprenticeships and are fully supportive of the programmes.

·       TAC has been able to provide its members with expert advice and guidance on the apprenticeship levy and acted as a forum for companies to share concerns and good practice.  As the levy becomes a reality in April/May 2017 TAC will continue to provide advice, guidance and support.

The need for a consortium such as TAC has never been greater as companies come to grips with the responsibilities involved in taking on, training and retaining apprentices at both technician and degree level and the regulations and procedures associated with the delivery and funding of apprenticeships whether or not the company is eligible to pay the apprenticeship levy.


Sheila Hoile is the project manager of Technician Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC). 

If you would like to know more about membership of the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium or the technician and degree apprenticeships then please contact Sheila Hoile, TAC project manager, shoile@acenet.co.uk.