ACE reiterates the need for Crossrail 2 if London is to address housing shortage

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has called on the mayor and transport leaders in the capital to plough ahead with preparations for Crossrail 2 in order to ensure the city can meet ambitious housing targets.

The group which represents the interests of professional consultancies and engineering companies has today responded to Sadiq Khan’s London Plan and has stated how a commitment to the major rail network is necessary for the London to take advantage of development opportunities. 

The London Plan outlines the strategic direction of the city’s development in the next 20 to 25 years covering issues such as housing, transport, design and planning. It sets the policy framework for London and subsequent local plans in the years ahead. The plan is complemented by the mayor’s transport strategy which was shared earlier in the week.  

Using its favourable position spanning many areas of infrastructure, the trade body has engaged in cross-sectoral analysis where possible to issue a series of recommendations. 

Some of these include establishing a leaders’ forum to consider development across the wider south east, setting clear targets about the housing-size mix that London needs and performance indicators on the use of public transport.

Commenting on the plan, ACE chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin said: “The mayor’s comprehensive document outlines a compelling vision for the future of London and has practical ideas on meeting the challenge of building at least 66,000 new homes a year. However, none of this will be possible without a green-light from central government for Crossrail 2 which will be the only way to unlock the new development opportunities that the capital needs to meet the Mayor’s ambitious housing targets. Put simply, Crossrail 2 is the key which unlocks London’s future.”

A final point made by ACE is urging the mayor to enshrine his election pledge for 50% of new housing to be “genuinely affordable”, as a deliverable KPI.

To view the ACE response in full, click here.

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