Industry leaders issue guidance on temporary closure of sites

Industry leaders have prepared guidelines for temporarily closing sites due to the current coronavirus crisis.

Safety leaders from across the industry have prepared guidelines for companies that are temporarily closing sites due to the current coronavirus crisis.

Current UK government guidance is that construction can continue where companies are able to meet public health requirements and can stick to industry-agreed Site Operating Procedures. 

But some sites are already voting with their feet and stopping work, either to take time to ensure compliance or because they have been stood down, ignoring government advice to keep sites open despite the UK being placed on a three-week lockdown.

The Construction Leadership Council, working with the Construction Coronavirus Taskforce, has developed the guidance - Advice on temporary suspension of sites -  to ensure that these closures can be achieved as safely as possible, avoiding potential issues while the site is not active.

The guidance covers issues including

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Environmental protection
  • Commercial considerations
  • Hired plant

The guide also includes a checklist that site operators can run through to help manage the site suspension. Further guidance will follow to support organisations on safe restarts for sites.

A copy of Advice on temporary suspension of sites is available on the Construction Leadership Council website here.

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