A must-attend event for firms working globally

International Development Secretary Justine Greening completes a strong line-up of high profile speakers for ACE’s International Conference on 15 June 2016.

The minister has headed up DFID since 2012 and prior to that she was Economic Secretary to the Treasury from May 2010 to October 2011 and Secretary of State for Transport from October 2011 to September 2012.  In her keynote speech to the conference, Greening will highlight the global economy and the influence of volatile financial markets on the growth of emerging economies. She will also focus on instability of global markets and outline a framework in which sustainable development can still be achieved.

The conference, Investment & Innovation – Building Global Infrastructure, also includes a keynote address from James Stewart, KPMG’s chair of global infrastructure, on BREXIT and its implications. Stewart will explore how the global economic slowdown might impact the European referendum and what steps the industry needs to take to prepare for the consequences.

ACE’s International Conference will bring together the industry voices that matter – those with the commercial and academic experience and intelligence to share their insights on global issues with delegates.

This annual event is a must-attend for any business looking to stay abreast and seize global opportunities in the infrastructure, engineering and consultancy arena. It will bring together top level experts to share views, discuss the issues that matter and exchange insights into potential opportunities and challenges.

Key areas up for discussion at the event include: -

  • Challenges of the Global Economy: Experts will share their experience and knowledge on pivotal factors to inform future investment and planning in regions such as China, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Impact of BREXIT on the global business environment: With a week to go before the EU referendum this will undoubtedly be a lively debate.
  • Global security: Analysis of the major issues impacting global security today and those anticipated to be key considerations in the future.
  • Climate Change and Paris Agreement: How does the industry respond to the climate change agreement of 2015?
  • Future for Smart Cities: Delegates will gain insights into the visionary smart cities topic and investigate its implementation in reality and its impact on social, political, environmental and economic issues.

The conference will enable delegates to understand the key ongoing challenges to the global economy and the impact of financial markets instability on investments. It will also provide the opportunity to discuss solutions to address the risks to the economy and how to seize business opportunities.

Delegates will also be able to participate in the debate around BREXIT and what the UK exiting the EU might mean for the industry. The conference also has a stellar panel of renowned world experts to discuss the environment, social, and economic issues who will look at the implications of social and political instability and their repercussions on global security and what this means for the infrastructure sector.

Whether you are already working internationally or are looking to enter the overseas marketplace then this conference is a definite must-attend. It will bring your awareness of key global consultancy issues up to date and enable you to network with international business experts and industry leaders.

Delegate places at the ACE International Conference cost just £175 for ACE member firms or £250 for non-members. For full details and booking information click here

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