FREE WEBINAR: Guarding against the next time – making the industry resilient

The Covid-19 crisis has shown how susceptible businesses are to global pandemics. Crisis plans have had to be adapted as construction businesses have reacted to lockdown restrictions and changed working patterns. 

Firms across the construction sector have had to adapt at short notice as thousands of staff were forced to work from home - and some were laid off altogether. Financial pressures have been extreme as companies have had to find ways of maintaining their cashflow in an economy that has all but ground to a halt.

This third webinar in Infrastructure Intelligence ‘Coming out of Covid’ series will explore how the industry needs to learn from its experience during the Covid-19 crisis. Should designs, operations and infrastructure be better structured in the future to avoid total lockdown? And crucially, how can the industry become more resilient and better able to deal with future crises?

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Guarding against the next time - making the industry resilient
Friday 12 June 2020 at 11am.

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