Something for everyone in new ACE Insight webinar series

The latest crop of free ACE Insight webinars includes five events covering a range of issues that are sure to be of interest to those working in the construction and infrastructure industry. 

A Regeneration Manchester webinar on 12 May will provide an interesting insight into the transformation of Manchester captured through the lens and writings of award-winning Mancunian photographer and writer Len Grant. He'll be joined by Patricia Bartoli and Matthew Doran of Manchester City Council for what promises to be an entertaining discussion around regeneration and how it is not just about infrastructure, but a long process jointly delivered by professionals and local communities over many years. 

In an event hosted by ACE Northern Ireland on 13 May, Paddy Brow of Northern Ireland Water will share an overview of the Living With Water Programme (LWWP), which was recently the subject of a public consultation. The LWWP focuses on integrated drainage solutions while adopting, where possible, sustainable ‘soft’ drainage and wastewater solutions, that both help the environment and cut operating and maintenance costs and Paddy Brow’s overview will be of all those working in the water sector.

The always-topical and important issue of gender balance in the workplace will be put under the spotlight on 17 May at an event organised by ACE Emerging Professionals London and South East. The webinar features Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute and author of the book, Create a Gender-balanced Workplace. Francke will be joined by ACE Emerging Professionals chair Wojciech Szewczak to discuss and share insights on how to drive and bring change into the industry’s organisations. 

An EIC/Sustainable smart city webinar, Tale of two cities: Exploring active travel on 21 May, will focus on the increasingly topical issue of active travel and what cities and places have done to successfully implement active travel measures, the challenges faced and types of technology used, both before and during the pandemic. Speakers will share their insight on how cities like Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Copenhagen champion active travel.

Finally, the potential money-generating issue of tax credits will be discussed at an event on 26 May. R&D tax relief can offer valuable cash flow support for consultancy and engineering firms and often the time investment required to claim it is much quicker than you might think. Before claiming (or even if you already claim), there are some vital, recent changes in HMRC’s approach to R&D tax relief you need to know about and this webinar will tell you all about them.

Details of all these forthcoming ACE Insight webinars are listed below with a booking link. All webinars are free to attend and open to all.

ACE Insight webinar: Regeneration Manchester on Wednesday 12 May, from 8-9am.
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ACE Insight webinar: Living with Water Programme on Thursday 13 May, from 12-1pm.
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Emerging Professionals: Gender balance in the workplace, Monday 17 May, from 1-2pm.
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EIC/Sustainable smart city webinar: Tale of two cities: Exploring active travel on Friday 21 May, from 3-4.30pm.
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ACE Insight webinar: A new era for R&D tax credits on Wednesday 26 May, from 12-1pm.
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