Video: Straight Talk with Mark Bew – beyond the road to BIM level 2 compliance

UK government BIM task group chair Mark Bew sets out his views on the challenge of taking the UK supply chain to BIM level compliance by 2 April 2016 and explains the  new target to verify and drive up data quality by October 2016.

The UK Government last month revealed it plans for a new October BIM target to challenge industry to raise the quality of data gathered and shared in digital models.

According to BIM task group chair Mark Bew, the new target gives the industry a year to prepare a new focus for improvement beyond the existing April 2016 level 2 compliance mandate.

“It is all very well pushing data at each other but if that data is rubbish then what is the point,” said Bew, speaking at the recent Infrastructure Intelligence Straight Talk event.

“Because we have met the April date we now want to start to drive the quality of data up,” he told delegates highlighting that all the “in-scope” public sector clients were currently on target to meet the BIM level 2 mandate. “The stretch target will be some kind of requirement around electronic validation capability a year from now."

He added: “If you sat us back down in July 2011 and set out where we would be by now then you would never have thought the whole industry would be talking about data in the way it it,” he said. “So we set our sights out in a big way - we didn’t expect to get this far.”

See more from this exclusive interview with Mark Bew in the video sections below.

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Introduction to BIM level 2 and the road to 2016 compliance

Driving the quality of data up with a new stetch tartget for October 2016

Life beyond BIM level 2

Supply chain challenges - what shape will it need to be in?

Mark Bew's visions for the digital construction future

A future with autonomous vehicles

Questions from the floor - disruptive technologies

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Should we demand greater investment in infrastructure and digital futures

Questions from the floor - the international dimension

Questions from the floor

Questions from the floor

Questions from the floor

Mark Bew - view of the future

Follow-on interview with Alan Lamont of Bentley Systems

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