Green infrastructure to be centre stage in London mayor's vision for the capital

As Sadiq Khan prepares to publish his draft London Plan, the mayor of London is ready to announce new measures to ensure the capital is greener, including the introduction of car-free parking zones in new housing and office developments.

Khan plans to make more than 50% of London green by 2050, with green infrastructure to be an “integral” part of new developments. Many of the new housing estates and offices being built in London will be subject to a parking ban on private cars, barring those who are disabled. This is just one of the strategies aimed at reducing air pollution that will be subject to a public consultation. 

The mayor is striving to increase the proportion of trips made on foot, by bike and by public transport to 80% by 2041, compared to 64% now – equating to around 3m fewer car journeys in London each day. 

Commenting on the London Plan, Khan said: “To secure the future health and prosperity of our city, we need to be bolder in encouraging people to reduce their reliance on cars. It’s essential for dealing with congestion as London’s population grows, and crucial for reducing our toxic air pollution emissions. “My draft London Plan will set out how I want to transform how London’s infrastructure works, making cycling and walking a safe and convenient alternative for millions more journeys every day. If you buy or rent a home in London and make regular journeys to the work or shops, I want to see safe and secure cycle parking available for every journey, across all parts of the city. For too long our housing and infrastructure has been built solely around the car.

Alongside the London Plan, the mayor is working with Transport for London and the boroughs to deliver a London-wide network of cycle routes, with new routes and improved infrastructure to tackle barriers to cycling.

Tom Bogdanowicz, senior policy and development officer at the London Cycling Campaign, said: “We applaud the Mayor’s commitment to use the London Plan to keep an expanding London moving, clean up its air and improve Londoners’ health, by reducing car dependence and investing in walking, cycling and public transport. We particularly welcome the Mayor’s targets to nearly halve the proportion of trips made by private motor cars, ensure the majority of Londoners live near to a safe, high-quality cycle route, and provide improved levels of cycle parking, including proper provision for riders with disabilities.”

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