Site investigation company launches first of its kind service for rail industry

A site investigation company has launched a pioneering service aimed at combating complex rail-related work.

Structural Soils Ltd is behind the collaborative model which will provide unique, coordinated site investigation packages from a single supplier. Rail Si and Rail Si+Plus will offer turnkey solutions designed to deliver all aspects of rail-related surveys.

Rail Si and Rail Si+Plus is a first for the rail sector and looks to ensure clients have minimal reliance on multiple, subcontracted services.The Rail Si and Rail Si+Plus model will combine surveys in a single package and help to aid health and safety standards while in a timely manner. Future rail projects will be able to benefit from full site investigation capabilities with the addition of wider, bolt-on services, including geospatial surveys, ecological surveys and asbestos management.

Structural Soils director Jon Bassett said: “These new services will enable Structural Soils to mitigate the complex, multi-faceted nature of rail-related surveys and provide effective solutions to the challenges that clients face. By offering collaborative services from a single supplier, Rail Si and Rail Si+Plus ensure that clients will have minimal reliance on multiple, subcontracted services and thus greater project control. 

“This will improve project health and safety standards, and ensure that work is completed in a timely manner. By using Structural Soils, clients will reduce track possession costs, increase economic value and maximise limited windows of opportunity to obtain important data from the rail environment.” 

Live demonstrations will be taking place during a launch event due to be held at the Middleton Railway Museum, Leeds, on 17 November. The Rail Si and Rail Si+Plus team will be on hand to carry out various site investigation surveys in a rail environment to showcase the equipment and techniques.

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