BEI launches three new climate change reports

Three new British Expertise International reports highlight its members’ work on climate change.

British Expertise International (BEI) has published three new specially themed climate change reports, highlighting the specialist work of its members in the fight against climate change around the globe.

The three BEI climate change working group reports are based around the themes of Nature-based Solutions, Extreme Weather & Climate Risk, and the Built Environment, with BEI members with a broad range of expertise summarising what the UK offers in each thematic area. 

The reports provide a platform for practical discussion around the challenging issues of climate change and the solutions that are already available from UK based businesses to address them.

Having split into the three focused sub-groups, each group has now produced a report that:

  • Provides an overview of the theme and defines some the of key concepts;
  • Informs and outlines some of the problems in these topics;
  • Offers a unique framework that summarises to stakeholders the various problems and solutions on offer;
  • Maps out where each member has certain expertise and services.

The three reports have been developed for a range of organisations including UK government agencies (DIT, BEIS, FCDO, Innovate UK, DEFRA), global governments, bilateral development agencies and multilateral development agencies.

The three reports are:

Nature-based Solutions

This paper outlines the important role that nature-based solutions (NbS) – interventions that protect, restore or sustainably manage nature – can play in tackling the interlinked climate and biodiversity crisis and help local communities to adapt to its impacts now and in the future. It explains NbS as a concept and showcases the unique capabilities of companies within BEI who offer NbS services. These capabilities are illustrated through an at-a-glance overview of company specialisms and a set of case studies which demonstrate the value of NbS to climate-related challenges.

Built Environment

This paper outlines the important role of the built environment in reaching net zero emissions as well as adapting to the existing impacts of climate change and mitigating against future impacts. It explains the built environment concept and showcases the unique capabilities of companies within British Expertise International (BEI) who offer services that have the potential to contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and create a more sustainable and resilient built environment.

Extreme Weather Risk and Climate Resilience

This paper showcases the unique capabilities of EWCRG companies. They are illustrated through an at-a-glance overview of company specialisms and a set of case studies. This paper is designed to meet the needs of a range of agencies seeking rapid insights into the service and advisory offering of EWCRG companies. It has been prepared by a group of companies that offer the full spectrum of expertise related to helping global, national and local clients meet the challenge of preparing for climate impacts that are increasingly caused by frequent extreme weather events. The expertise of the group encompasses weather and climate services, urban resilience, climate risk reduction, capacity building in climate adaptation, and innovating in climate resilience financing.

Derrick Sanyahumbi, British Expertise International CEO, said: “Many in the UK government can talk with confidence about examples like offshore wind, which has been a real success; but few can talk about the climate change expertise embedded in thousands of UK businesses of all sizes that is already being deployed around the world day by day. So our ambition was to shed light on this expertise in our member base, and help increase awareness amongst the stakeholders who sell UK expertise overseas and those who wish to buy it.

“These three reports help identify the challenges being faced, provide a guiding framework on how they might be addressed and provide practical examples of work already being undertaken globally. They illustrate the innovation and expertise our members are deploying on a truly global scale.

“Publishing these reports is the beginning of the journey; we now plan to engage with key stakeholders and share with them the expertise at their disposal to help make a real difference to communities around he world – both now and for the future. We will continue to develop new reports in key areas where our members have expertise and where there is a need for action.”

Click here to download all three reports.

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