BIM Task Group: A progress update for infrastructure

Mark Bew

We have been working with the Infrastructure Intelligence team over the last few months to ensure we can bring useful, regular and relevant updates to the BIM programme as we run up to the 2016 public sector mandate and we hope you will find these updates interesting and useful.

The BIM programme headed up by the BIM Task group was commenced as part of the 2011 Government Construction Strategy and has been responsible for three key work streams

Defining the Level 2 “Package” of documents and standards to explain clearly and concisely how the BIM process works

Engaging with clients to help ensure they can procure BIM data in a practical and efficient manner

Engaging with the market, through the creation of the thirty five or so BIM4 groups

If you need further information please visit www.bimtaskgroup.org you can also register for our round the parish newsletter by e-mailing: info@bimtaskgroup.org

We anticipate using this column to bring you information about the task group’s activities, but more importantly a series of how to guides and client case studies and interviews to help understand what has gone well and what would be as well to avoid.

For the realistic achievement of the 2016 adoption date we have a final delivery to make. The contract for this final delivery will be placed by the end of September and we will be bringing you a first-hand interview with the winners of the £1M contact to deliver the “digital Plan of Works” (dPoW). 

Those of you familiar with the buildings-led RIBA plan or work or Network Rail Grip process will be familiar with the concept of a staged delivery specification, but for the first time in the world the UK will again be leading the engineering field with a dPoW that not only identifies traditional deliverable such as specifications and reports, but digital deliverables to be provided directly from your BIM tools.

We will also be bringing you news about the UK led EU BIM Task Group and the new Level 3 strategy that is nearing completion, which will start to not only bring further benefits for digital construction and operation, but also bring clarity to some of the aspirational Smart City services of the future.


Mark Bew is HM Government, BIM Task Group chairman