Video: The Integrated Project Insurance masterclass with David Hancock

Specialist insurance broker Griffiths & Armour recently hosted a special masterclass session to unravel and explain the benefits and challenges of the Integrated Project Insurance project delivery model

Integrated Project Insurance is one of the government’s three new procurement and delivery models being trialled as a means to accelerate the industry towards achieving a 15-20% saving on cost and 40% saving on time. 

"The idea is that we support projects and the industry tells us whether it is working or not," explained Cabinet Office head of construction David Hancock at the recent Griffiths & Armour IPI Masterclass. "What I want is to have not only an opinon based but an evidence base that if we use IPI then we will make savings."

Hancock outlined the steps being taken by government to ensure that civil servants and project sponsors understand the benefits and operation of this new model and explained how this delivery model stacked up against the other demonstration models – Cost Led Procurement and Two Stage Open Book.

But what are the key features underpinning the IPI model, how exactly does it work, what are the benefits, challenges and rewards and what progress is being seen on the current demonstration projects?

All questions posed at the masterclass held in London and featuring a range of expert speakers with the experience and answers to hand. 

The panel of experts alongside David Hancock included:

  • Martin Davis and Kevin Thomas of Integrated Project Initiatives, the consultancy driving the model forward
  • Stephen Bamforth, chief executive of insurance broker Griffiths & Armour
  • Guy Lane, partner at lawyer BLM

The panellists drew on this experience of driving and pioneering IPI and set out how, by encompassing the principles of early supplier engagement, transparency of cost, integrated team working and collaborative working, use of BIM and creating real culture change, tangible benefits can flow across the supply chain

In particular delegates were given an update on progress at the Dudley College demonstration project which is currently heading towards a start on site and a discussion on what is being done to support the necessary evolutions and culture change.

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The Dudley College project which is trialing this IPI model is being supported by Innovate UK under its "Rethinking the Build Process" programme. You can find out more details on this and the other 6 projects under this programme on our _connect platform -