Atkins takes to the technological road with iM week

Birmingham New Street

Atkins is drawing attention to urban traffic, pollution and transport issues, to mark a week of activity launching the company's technological approach of Intelligent Mobility. Government and industry should be developing a more collaborative, concerted approach to solve problems of overcrowded and congested transport networks in cities, Atkins says.

This week, from 24-28 October, Atkins is holding a series of 'iM' branded events focusing on how technology can address urban mobility issues. It starts off with a summit to explore opportunities presented by intelligent mobility for reshaping how transport is delivered, followed by a two-day conference and exhibition for Atkins’ global technical network and clients. Atkins will also publish a third white paper on connecting passengers to the right information to create the 'seamless journey' across multi-modal transport.

Atkins’ iM lead, Philip Hoare, said: “iM places people at the heart of our approach, focusing not only on improving the transit of people and goods, but also on transforming the infrastructure of our cities and rural communities to increase efficiency and safety, maximise resources, boost sustainability, create resilience and promote economic growth.

“Collaboration at all levels is essential and Atkins is well-placed to bring together partners, clients, governments and the private sector to solve complex challenges and deliver change.”

Areas of discussion during Atkins' iM week include: 

•           redefining the relationship between drivers, their vehicles, infrastructure and highways management

•           bringing a more personal perspective to future transport technology

•           driving the development of future transport and energy needs

•           data and a connected future transport infrastructure

Projects already pioneering Atkins' intelligent mobility solutions worldwide, the firm says, include Colorado's vision for a transformative transport system by means of technology and partnerships, Dubai's preparations for electric vehicles and two connected and autonomous vehicle research projects in the UK.

You can join Atkins' Intelligent Mobility debate on LinkedIn. For further details on Atkins’ work in intelligent mobility visit