Milton Keynes appoint WSP to develop infrastructure plan and meet area’s ambitions

Milton Keynes Council have enlisted WSP with the responsibility of enhancing the borough’s new and existing infrastructure with teams developing and prioritising transport networks.

The Planning and Advisory team at WSP will develop a practical plan to align with medium term investments in the Council’s Local Transport Strategy over the next 10-15 years, as well as with longer term changes in planning, housing and employment.

By embracing new technologies like new forms of mass transit, shared vehicles, mobility as a service, connected and autonomous vehicles, transit orientated growth and walkable neighbourhoods, WSP hopes to develop a transformative plan for the area.

The six-month project will expand on previous WSPs work in the area including the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Study for DfT and Transport Strategy Evidence Base for England’s Economic Heartland within our interactive WSP ProjectView tool.

“We are delighted to bring our Future Mobility expertise together with our unrivalled knowledge of Milton Keynes to deliver a new Transport Infrastructure Plan” says Adrian Hames, project director at WSP. “With a focus on Future Ready, we will be ensuring that we embrace changes in externalities such as technology, community requirements and climate change to meet the needs of Milton Keynes Council’s infrastructure.”

It's a timely appointment for the town with the council outlining aspirations to major development plans for the next 10 years. The Plan:MK which was laid out last year revealed how the council proposed to build 26,500 homes before 2031, new local shopping centres and more than 208,000 square metres of new office floor space.

The final infrastructure proposal is expected to be delivered by WSP in early 2019 with options to be discussed between teams and Milton Keynes Council in December.

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