New Digital Construction Works joint venture set to be industry game-changer

Bentley Systems and Topcon Positioning Systems have set up a new joint venture company, Digital Construction Works, to provide digital automation, integration, and ‘twinning’ services around a portfolio of fit-for-purpose software and cloud services, from Topcon, Bentley, and other software vendors, to realise the potential of automating digital processes for industrialising construction.

The formation of the new joint venture, which was announced today at the 2019 Bentley Year in Infrastructure conference in Singapore, is a significant step for the digital infrastructure sector. The coming together of Bentley, the leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twin cloud services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure and Topcon, a world leader in positioning technology for the survey and construction industries, is being seen as a potential game-changing moment for the industry.

Digital Construction Works, which has a full global staff of digital construction experts supplied by Bentley Systems and Topcon, will provide digital automation, integration, and ‘twinning’ services and other integration services to help advance constructors’ digital workflows.

Bentley and Topcon have been working closely since 2016, collaborating to introduce new innovations in surveying, reality modelling, scheduling and logistics, work packaging, machine control, and progressive assurance for construction. 

In 2017 they opened the Constructioneering Academies, including at Topcon’s “sandbox” facilities globally, for construction professionals to experience new digital best practices, first-hand. Constructioneering is the automation of the digital construction process through surveying, engineering design, constructible model development, and as-built data collection within a connected data environment to improve construction execution and reduce project costs.

Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, said, “We and Topcon have now committed many of our best resources, professionals experienced in both construction and software, to serve shoulder-to-shoulder, in virtual hardhats, to innovatively advance the required digital integration. The Digital Construction Works joint venture has the full management and capital commitments of both our companies, multiplying its unique strengths for helping to realise constructioneering’s potential to close the world’s infrastructure gap.”

Ray O’Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems, said, “What Topcon and Bentley Systems initiated in recent years was done in the spirit of changing mindsets and processes on how we approach construction, and that collaboration has led to the development of this joint venture.  Through the new organisation, companies will have the opportunity to integrate hardware and software capabilities to more quickly and efficiently adopt new technology for more rapid productivity improvements.”

Digital Construction Works is led by CEO Ted Lamboo, previously senior vice president of strategic partnerships for Bentley Systems, and COO Jason Hallett, formerly vice president of digital construction and business development for Topcon.  

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