FORS – the go-to fleet operator scheme for best practice

A voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators established in 2008 is now established as the go-to scheme for best practice, says Paul Wilkes.

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has created a standard that gives its members a clear set of requirements to demonstrate that they run a quality operation. Organisations that specify FORS are able to improve the management of work-related road risk amongst clients, contractors, developers and suppliers. 

FORS members are based across the whole of the UK, so organisations that specify FORS in contracts can take full advantage of an environmentally sound, efficient and safe road transport supply chain, wherever their operation is based. This means that all commercial vehicles operating on a company’s behalf - from mopeds, taxi and minibuses, to coaches, refuse trucks and heavy goods vehicles - will demonstrate exceptionally high standards.

A voluntary accreditation scheme established in 2008, FORS is open to UK and non-UK fleet operators, and to the organisations that award contracts to those operators. With 5,000 members, FORS is now well-established as the go-to accreditation scheme for best practice.  

The FORS concession is managed by international consultancy firm AECOM, which has had a long association with FORS over many years contributing to the development of the standard, implementation of systems and scheme support and the delivery of training and audit quality assurance. 

It is very simple to write FORS as a condition of business into procurement contracts. Many national infrastructure, construction and local authority-led contracts across the UK already do so, as a route to a quality road transport supply chain. Local authorities and construction projects that choose FORS can more easily manage work-related road risk, reduce carbon emissions, and meet air quality targets.  

FORS is built around continuous improvement, where members strive for even higher operational standards as they progress through the levels of the scheme. FORS  accreditation goes beyond basic legal compliance, with our members able to tangibly evidence how they far exceed the legal basics by following our unique mix of driver and management training, robust auditing and statistic-based efficiencies, backed up by a range of online support tools and guidance from our national helpline.

FORS-accredited operators comply with both CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) and Transport for London’s work-related road risk requirements. FORS silver accreditation can be used to demonstrate CLOCS compliance as the schemes are designed to align, to keep compliance simple.

FORS is about continuous progression, so our members can become safer, smarter and greener with a model to suit commercial vehicles of all types, from truck, van, coach, bus, taxi and powered two-wheeler operators.

To understand how FORS can help your road transport supply chain meet its safety, environmental and efficiency needs visit www.fors-online.org.uk/cms/champions 

Paul Wilkes is the business services manager at FORS.