AECOM to develop first phase of Humber Zero

AECOM is to lead the development of consents and permits for the Humber Zero project.

AECOM is to lead the development of consents and permits for the Humber Zero project, which will contribute to the decarbonisation of critical industry in the Humber region.

Humber Zero will integrate carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology into units at Phillips 66 Humber Refinery and VPI Immingham combined heat and power plant. By 2030, it will capture up to eight million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at source before it is transported via pipeline to permanent storage sites under the North Sea.

AECOM, supported by planning consultants DWD, is taking both of these Humber Zero projects through the consents phase, preparing planning and permit applications and supporting environmental impact assessment, which will include a detailed review of the impact the projects will have on the local environment and community. 

Once all consents have been obtained, final investment decisions can be made, ahead of further detailed design and construction. Carbon capture will integrate specialist technology into the existing processing units and plants, including absorption techniques to capture and recover the CO2. 

Dr Richard Lowe, AECOM’s energy sector lead, said: “Heavy industry has to decarbonise, so by integrating world-class CCS technology into the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery and VPI Immingham plant, we are not only helping to future-proof the region’s economy and jobs by ensuring the plants are transitioning towards a decarbonised future, but we are also working towards the greater goal of reaching net zero emissions.”

Jonathan Briggs, VPI project director for Humber Zero, said: “Humber Zero will secure critical industry in the Humber region, which is home to more than 25% of the UK’s refining capacity. Decarbonising industry will ensure its competitiveness and help secure tens of thousands of jobs in the region and beyond.”

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