The effect of climate change on construction careers

A new publication released ahead of the COP26 conference in Glasgow highlights how climate change has made an impact on the careers of a number of young construction and infrastructure professionals.

Climate changing the built environment has been compiled by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering’s (ACE) group for the business leaders of tomorrow, ACE Emerging Professionals, who profiled more than 25 industry professionals asking them the simple question of how climate change has impacted on their career.

The varied testimonials in the publication range from graduates all the way to managing directors. Working for ACE members, clients, in technology, or in academia, they reveal how climate change and the industry’s collective move to net zero, has already positively affected their day-to-day roles.

Climate changing the built environment reinforces how the issue is now central to the consultancy and engineering sector and the wider industry and also demonstrates that the built environment delivers jobs with a true purpose.

Georgia Hughes, chair of ACE’s Emerging Professionals, said: “I know from my own experiences at Arcadis how central climate change is to my role. Our industry makes a real difference and I’m delighted to share these testimonials ahead of COP26 and - who knows -perhaps encourage more people to consider a career in our sector.”

Project leader Thomas Worthington, a sustainability and carbon consultant at Atkins, added: “Our industry has a central role to play in meeting society’s ambitions on climate and I’m passionate about finding the solutions to help us meet net zero by 2050. This project has made me realise that I’m by no means alone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for sharing their testimonials with us. I found them inspiring and I’m sure others will too.”

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