Haskoning launches 'revolutionary' iReport

Consultant Royal HaskoningDHV has launched a digital tool designed to up the game in stakeholder engagement by ensuring that everyone can understand complex projects. The iReport, which Haskoning is calling the 'future of project reporting', cuts through the jargon and excess complexity by using visual explanations to make projects understood and accessible to everyone, the consultant says.

The software is following in the footsteps of the company’s digital EIS online tool that uses interactive visuals to display the results of Environmental Impact Assessments in an easily accessible way. According to the creator of iReport, Haskoning's strategic consultant Paul Eijssen, the new reporting tool has been developed and future-proofed based on dialogue, feedback and collaboration with clients and partners.

“The iReport tool is relevant for all sectors and industries and can be used in different phases of a project so as to garner greater stakeholder engagement," he says. "The information from the iReport is complemented by HaskoningDHV’s strategic advisory at every step of project development, to ensure that plans and decisions are embraced and accepted by the stakeholders involved.”

Haskoning has piloted its new visual reporting tool on the Vincent Tshabalala Pedestrian Bridge project for the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), which commended iReport for its 'substantial value as a reporting tool both internally and externally', the consultant says.

Positive feedback has also been received after the iReport was used by Royal HaskoningDHV to conduct transport investigations for the Rotterdam-Antwerp Corridor Study on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands and the Province of South Holland.