Future leaders take the stage in Mexico

FIDIC's Future Leaders chair Cosmin Tobolcea speaks at conference in Mexico City.

FIDIC’s brand new Future Leaders group has successfully launched their new organisation at FIDIC’s International Infrastructure Conference in Mexico City. 

Previously known as the Young Professionals steering group, the Future Leaders group say the new name reflects a much more aspirational approach for FIDIC’s bright and talented membership and actively promotes the next generation of engineering professionals who aspire to lead the industry. 

Future Leaders chair Cosmin Tobolcea is delighted that aspiring industry leaders from all around the world now have a wealth of positive opportunities to develop their potential, with advice, mentoring and support from FIDIC’s newly established group. 

“The name change very much reflects what our members aspire to be – to be the future leaders of our industry,” said Tobolcea, minutes after stepping off stage at Mexico. “Today has marked a very important moment for our transformation from Young Professionals to Future Leaders.

“When you are saying young professionals, you are only thinking young people. But a lot of young professionals have their own businesses, sometimes very big businesses. They are CEO’s of their own companies, they are leaders of their companies – and this is a platform for them to develop and become future leaders of the industry.”

The fledging Future Leaders group had already been busy preparing the ground for the new set-up since last years FIDIC annual conference in Berlin.

“We’ve had a lot of support from FIDIC, the board and all its committees, and we work well together,” said Tobolcea. “We’ve been building and developing a range of networking opportunities, seminars, workshops and presentations around the world, both online and at regional conferences and events.”

The conference also saw the latest edition of The Reflection of Young Professionals booklet, which Tobolcea described as “a gathering of very exciting ideas and contributions from some of the most promising future leaders around the world.”

Outlining the group’s future plans, Tobolcea said: “Networking is very import for us. It’s important to have platforms to connect future leaders to help nurture their development. And also to help companies to collaborate, to work on great projects together, and to become the big-hitters of our industry.”

Summing up a busy day at conference, Tobolcea said he was confident that the Future Leaders group and its growing membership can look forward to a bright future. “We have a great team of people who are always going above and beyond,” he said. “We have worked a lot over the last year, and we’ve had some excellent presenters and presentations at the conference today. We’re always looking to the future and finding good ways to work and collaborate on new ideas and projects,” said Tobolcea.

And, looking very firmly to the future, Tobolcea also encouraged any FIDIC member associations who don’t yet have a young professionals group to get in touch.

He said: “My message to member associations is to contact us, and we will help them with everything they need to organise their group. We totally support anyone wanting to join us, and we will help with all the communication and support a member association could need.”

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