Mace restructures leadership team

Mace has restructured its group board and wider leadership teams, creating four new divisional CEO’s.

Mace has restructured its group board and wider leadership teams, creating four new divisional CEOs.

The changes will take effect in January 2020, with the group creating four new divisional CEO roles across the company’s four engines for growth: Develop, Consult, Construct and Operate.  

David Grover will be appointed as CEO for Develop; Jason Millett will be appointed as CEO for Consult, Gareth Lewis will be appointed CEO for Construct with Mark Castle taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer; and Ross Abbate will be appointed as CEO for Mace Macro, Mace’s Operate business. 

Mark Holmes will take on the role of deputy chairman of Mace. He will retain a number of his current roles, including leadership of Mace’s people and talent and responsible business boards, as well as continuing to support North America and Mace Macro. Richard Bienfait, previously announced as Mace's new chief financial officer, will take up his role on the group board in January. 

Mace say the changes are being announced now to allow the company to prepare its 2020 business plans and begin the transition to the new structure. 

Mark Reynolds, Mace’s chief executive, said: "I am pleased to announce the creation of a number of new leadership roles at Mace alongside some changes to the composition of the group board. In particular, I would like to congratulate Mark Holmes on his promotion to deputy chairman of the group. Mace’s future relies on us being committed to our succession plans and driving strong and sustainable growth across our four ‘engines’; allowing our leadership teams to respond more quickly to the needs of our clients and colleagues."

The company says the purpose of the new leadership structure is to empower and transfer full accountability to the four engines for the delivery of Mace’s 2022 strategy goals and objectives. They say the divisions will have greater influence and control over their strategies, within the framework created by the group board. Each leader and divisional board will be responsible for client relationships, service delivery and overall performance.

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