Webinar for UK firms on rebuilding crucial facilities in Peru

UK firms are supporting Peru’s Authority for Reconstruction with Changes on infrastructure projects across the country.

British Expertise International is organising a webinar looking at the rebuilding of crucial facilities in Peru, such as schools and hospitals, which were affected by El Niño in 2017. The World Bank ranks Peru as the 58th easiest country in the world to do business in, but the second easiest in the Latin America/Caribbean region and with the UK the second largest foreign investor in Peru, opportunities to work there should be of interest to UK firms.

At the end of June, the UK was selected as Peru’s delivery partner to rebuild a range of crucial facilities and a UK delivery team, represented by strategic partners Mace, Arup and Gleeds, was selected by Peru’s Authority for Reconstruction with Changes to act as its delivery partner. The three UK firms will support ARCC with the construction, reconstruction and renovation of infrastructure across the country.

The programme includes both new build and renovation of 74 schools and 15 new health centres. As El Nino is a recurring phenomenon, the programme also includes for the UK to support Peru to develop integrated management plans for flood mitigation infrastructure in 19 river basins, five gullies and seven new urban drainage systems. This agreement will last for two years, starting from July 2020 to June 2022, with a possibility of extension for six months.

The BEI event, “Building on the UK-Peru G2G Export win”, takes place on Thursday 1 October 2020 from 3pm until 4.30pm and attendees can take part online or in person. Firms with an interest in working in Peru are welcome to join the webinar, which will hear from the key organisations involved in delivering the rebuild, to discuss the next steps, what it means for UK-Peru relations and more.

The webinar’s high-profile panel includes Kate Harrisson, UK Ambassador to Peru and representatives from each of the strategic partners from the UK delivery team for a joint presentation on how the project was organised and won. This will be followed by a Q&A with all presenters available to answer audience questions. The rest of the panel will be made up of Stuart Senior, supervisory board at Gleeds, Oliver Condi, a director at Mace, Rebecca Venn, head of G2G for infrastructure at DIT and Nick Merridew, director of integrated city planning at Arup.

Whilst the majority of speakers and attendees will be joining the webinar virtually, attendees are also welcome to join the event at the BEI’s offices at 23 Grafton Street, London. 

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