Network Rail launches second phase of Network Operating Strategy

Strategy designed to help rail industry provide better experience for passengers and freight users.

Network Rail has launched the second phase of its ten-year Network Operating Strategy, aimed at improving operations in the rail industry.

Also known as Net Ops 2, the strategy has been developed in partnership with operational colleagues from across the rail industry. It sets out a series of recommendations on how to better enable operational teams to deliver improved train services for customers and passengers.

The document brings together operational views from across the industry into a set of clear improvement targets. The consultation process used to formulate the strategy has been created with input from senior leaders in the operational delivery of train operating companies and freight operating companies, as well as from key supporting organisations including the Rail Safety and Standards Board, Rail Delivery Group and the Institution of Railway Operators.

It focuses on three core areas for improvements; people, change and technology, and process. In addition to those three priorities are a series of goals and actions that operational teams can take to help guide them in developing their operations models and structures.

The strategy is a part of Network Rail's train service delivery strategic theme, which aims to improve how operational professions are developed whilst delivering a high performing railway.

Oliver Bratton, director, network strategy and operations, system operator, said: “NetOps2 is about collaboration, coming together as a whole industry to use our experiences and expertise to ensure that we’re working towards creating a railway we can rely on now and in the future. The strategy endorses the need for operations to develop its people, embrace change and new technologies that will enhance ways of working, and examine agile processes and opportunities through freight. It is critical, now more than ever, that we have a common vision for Operations which this strategy sets out to address”

Daniel Mann, head of operations at the Rail Delivery Group, said: “Improving how we run train services for customers and passengers supports ongoing work across the industry to welcome people back to rail and will strengthen the country’s recovery from the pandemic. The second phase of our Network Operating Strategy will be at the heart of this improvement, using strategic recommendations developed by operational colleagues from across industry.”

Click here to download the second phase of the Network Operating Strategy.

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