Flint & Neill Ltd

Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

Head office

Bevis Marks House, 24 Bevis Marks, London, EC3A 7JB
020 7940 7600

Company profile

Flint & Neill is a firm of consulting engineers, providing innovative and advanced solutions to a variety of civil and structural engineering challenges worldwide. As part of COWI Group’s international Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures division, we have access to considerable engineering, environmental and planning resources throughout the COWI network, such as Donaldson Associates Ltd (also part of BTM division), meaning we can now tackle tunnels, offshore wind farms and other works in addition to our long standing portfolio of bridges and structures.


Flint & Neill engineers are able to adapt to the evolving needs of clients and retain our world leading position as specialist civil and structural engineers. Our engineers are equally at home in assessing existing structures and performing expert investigations as in designing new structures. We have always been committed to solving problems through a sound understanding of structural behaviour, never afraid to move outside the scope of codes and standards to apply engineering first principles where necessary. This approach has regularly enabled us to tackle new problems of significant complexity and has led to our involvement with the development and drafting of codes of practice for a variety of engineering applications.

Notable Recent Projects

Bridge Design & Assessment

  • Mersey Gateway, UK
  • Pont Schuman, France
  • West Gate Bridge, Australia
  • Erskine Bridge, UK
  • Izmit Suspension Bridge, Turkey
  • QEII ‘Dartford Crossing’ Bridge, UK
  • Hammersmith Flyover, UK
  • Inderhavn (Kissing Bridge), Denmark
  • Fehmarn Belt, Germany/Denmark
  • Greenwich Reach Swing Bridge, UK 

Other Structures

  • Olympic Stadium Transformation, UK
  • National Theatre Redevelopment, UK
  • Jeddah Flagpole, UAE
  • Rowridge Mast, UK
  • Oculus World Trade Center Transport Hub, USA
  • Cummins Engine Factory, UK
  • Heathrow T5, UK
  • Belmont Mast, UK

Recent Awards

  • Pont Schuman The Structural Awards 2015 - Highway or Railway Bridge Structures
  • Greenwich Reach Swing Bridge The Structural Awards 2015 - Pedestrian Bridges
  • QEII Bridge Joint Replacement British Construction Industry Award 2015 - Temporary Works
  • M48 Wye Bridge Expansion Joint Rocker Arm Replacement ICE Wales 2014 - Roy Edwards Award
  • Castle Green Bridge ACE Engineering Excellence Awards 2013 - Award for Infrastructure; The Structural Awards 2013 - Small Projects, Commendation
  • The Saints Stadium Bridge The Structural Steel Design Awards 2013 - High Standard of Design, Commendation
  • West Gate Bridge The Structural Awards 2012 - Supreme Award & Structural Heritage; British Construction Industry Award 2012 - International; Australian Steel Institute 2012 - National Steel Design Award for Engineering Projects
  • Compiègne Bridge The Structural Awards 2012 - Highway or Railway Bridge Structures
  • Taunton Third Way Bridge British Construction Industry Award 2012 - Civil Engineering Project of the Year (up to £3m)


  • Chief Executive Officer: David MacKenzie
  • Chief Operating Officer: Ian Firth
  • Directors: Jerry Cutter, Robert Percy, John Rees, Paul Sanders, Hugo Wood
  • Technical Directors: Chris Barker, Gerard Brennan, David Cooper, Neil McFadyen, Chris Murphy, Hoe Chian Yeow
  • Associates: Neil Adamson, Joanna Bonnett, Chris Walker, Matthew Cartwright

Areas of Work

Civil and structural engineering; bridges, buildings, tunnels, marine structures, towers and masts, stadia, shell structures, special studies and investigations.

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