Finalists for Transport Infrastructure Award


On the Mersey Gateway project remediation was delivered within budget (£2.2M), tight programme (<12 months) and achieved regulatory sign-off within a week. 17 tonnes of toxic contaminant were removed de-risking the contamination issue and unlocking the project by removing the need for the Consortium Contractor to ‘price in’ the contamination risk.

Queensferry Crossing saw Ramboll identify significant savings by removing all piles and replacing them with large scale footings founded on the varying rock formations below the Firth of Forth, previously discounted. This approach culminated in the world record continuous underwater concrete pour for the South Tower Caisson, completed on programme in summer 2013.


Delivered in partnership with Costain and Surrey County Council, the new Walton Bridge is used by over 35,000 vehicles, 200 pedestrians and 400 cyclists per day and provides a vital link between Walton and Shepperton. Opened in July 2013, the new structure replaces two ageing, temporary bridges and provides the area with a modern landmark.

A unique structure, it is the first road bridge in the UK to be wholly designed and fabricated to thenew Eurocodes and Euronorms. Walton Bridge demonstrates the benefits of partnership working, with Surrey, Costain and Atkins working as an integrated team to overcome significant challenges with innovative and effective solutions to deliver an exceptional project.

Tony Gee and Partners LLP

The last 12 months have been characterised by another step-change in the development of Tony Gee, with annual growth of 28%. Being named SME Consultant of the Decade by the ACE was a great accolade, as was the Falkirk Wheel rotating boatlift being given a Project of the Century Award by FIDIC during the same week.

Its investment in training, including involvement in the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium and Building Information Modelling, has been instrumental in driving innovation across its portfolio of projects and illustrated by successful collaboration along the supply chain on the A453 Widening and Hitchin Grade Separation schemes.


Amey is a leading public services provider and one of the fastest growing consultancies in the UK. Its strength lies in its whole-life approach to asset design, construction and management.

It has been the first provider to deliver on the DfT’s Pinch Point Programme and is the first in the industry to gain BS11000 accreditation at a Supplier/Client level.

The firm's integrated solutions, including the innovative design delivered for the widening of M5 Junction 4, has allowed it to continuously exceed  client’s expectations and provided them effective, sustainable and safe designs that are real value for money.

Roughton International Ltd

Roughton was appointed to 16 significant new international transport infrastructure projects during 2013 in addition to 25 existing projects that began in 2011/12 (some will run for the next 5 years), and the 19 projects that were successfully completed in 2013.

As an independent, regionally managed consultancy, it is proud of its track record in retaining clients, based on strong relationships and extensive local knowledge. It believes its success is founded on trust in continued commitment to local capacity building, raising the standards of safety in transit, and the alleviation of poverty in the regions within which it works.