ACE and ACEI team up to promote built environment

L to R:  Shane Dempsey, secretary general ACEI; Kate Jennings, chief executive of ACE; ACEI president James Kavanagh and incoming ACEI president, Annemarie Conibear

Two leading built environment associations have teamed up to promote the industry across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering and the Association for Consultancy and Engineering Ireland have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding.

The MOU sets out a clear intent to team up to share best practice, policy and advocacy intelligence as well as support overarching mutual goals to promote recruitment and continuous professional development for built environment professionals.

The two organisations will work together to foster a strong connection between their members and enhance relations within the worlds of infrastructure across the UK and Ireland.

Chief executive of ACE, Kate Jennings, joined Shane Dempsey, secretary general of ACEI, in Dublin to mark the signing of the new MOU.

Jennings said she was looking forward to working with ACEI in a move that will bring considerable mutual benefits to both organisations' members. 

“Our members have a wealth of different experiences across the same sector and as the nearest neighbour, it made sense to pool our industry knowledge and capitalise on the synergies,” she said.

“Initiatives like joint events and seminars are likely to come out of the partnership, with a particular focus on emerging professionals and future leaders, culminating in an annual joint event.

"We have a great combined opportunity to promote the sector together, showcasing the commercial and professional career prospects available.” 

Shane Dempsey, secretary general of ACEI, acknowledged the “many cultural and business links” between the Republic of Ireland and UK consulting engineering sectors and how both have played integral roles in shaping society over the past 100 years.  

“With so many companies with presences across our regions, it makes sense for our two organisations to partner,” Dempsey added.  

“Both the UK and Republic of Ireland have hugely ambitious housing, infrastructure and climate change strategies that will provide hundreds of thousands of the next generation with digitised and globalised careers.

“If we can get that message across to parents, teachers and young people collectively, we will help to build a sustainable consulting engineering sector for the future!”


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