Infrastructure Intelligence readers say yes to remaining in the EU

Infrastructure Intelligence readers have given an overwhelming thumbs up to remaining in the EU in the results of a snap poll on the issue released today at the ACE National Conference in London.

The poll asked readers their views on whether they thought it would be better for business if the UK remained in the EU or left and then how they themselves would be voting in the referendum on 23 June 2016.

Almost 70% of readers responding think it would be better for business if the UK voted to remain in the EU. 20% wanted to vote to leave while 11% still didn’t know whether business would be better served whether the UK was in or out of the EU. 

When asked for their personal views and how they would vote in the referendum, the responses were broadly similar , with slightly more people favouring Brexit rather than remaining in the EU. 21% of respondents said they were planning to vote to leave the EU and 65% said they would vote to remain with 13% still undecided.

The full results of the Infrastructure Intelligence snap poll were as follows: -

1. Do you think it would be better for business if the UK voted to:

Leave the EU - 19.04%
Remain in EU - 69.80%
Don't know - 11.16%

2. Are you planning to vote to:

Leave the EU - 21.02%
Remain in EU - 65.27%
Don't know - 13.72%

A total of 452 readers took the survey.

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Businesses naturally do not like change especially legal uncertainty . So it will always be difficult to change the status quo. But for those who have spent time dealing with the EU and the stultifying bureaucracy of the EC, it is time to question if it really is in the interest of Business to stay . All the stories created by Project Fear are simply designed to create support for the status Quo. We are the 5th largest economy in the world .