Beryl bikes go city-wide in Brighton as expansion rolls on

Rental bikes are now available city-wide in Brighton as the final phase of expansion is now in operation.

There are now 780 Beryl BTN Bikes available to hire from 82 hubs across Brighton and Hove. 

Some 60% are e-bikes to help tackle the hillier areas of the city and help riders cope with windy seafront days. 

The other 40% are pedal bikes that have the added benefit of cheaper pricing.

More hubs will also be installed this autumn with some having already been consulted on, with others subject to further consultation. 

More than 20,000 journeys were made during September by people using Beryl bikes.

Beryl CEO and cofounder, Phil Ellis, said: “Our Beryl BTN Bikes are helping to replace private car, van, taxi or motorbike journeys, which will have a significant impact on cutting congestion and improving air quality.

“It's a fact that a well-planned, convenient and easy-to-use bike share system gets people more active and, in doing so, improves both mental and physical health. 

“So it's also great news that we’ve generated more than 85,000 trips so far.

“With a full complement of bikes now available, I’m confident the scheme can continue to go from strength to strength and we can encourage an even greater number of people to adopt more sustainable transport habits.” 

Users are able to purchase two-day, seven-day and 30-day Riding Passes which offer discounted hire rates. 

There are also new offers of 20 minutes riding credit to members who hire bikes left out of hub and return them to a Beryl hub. 

The company will soon be announcing new membership options for priority groups including pensioners, jobseekers on benefits and full-time students. 

Councillor Trevor Muten, chair of the Transport and Sustainability Committee said: “It’s great to see the full rollout of Beryl BTN Bikes completed and available in all parts of Brighton and Hove.

“The new e-bikes have been a real game changer for people in hilly areas of the city and I’m pleased to see that we’ll soon be offering different pricing options to support those people who really need it.

“The scheme provides more choice for residents and visitors travelling around our city. We believe it will encourage more people to choose cycling as their active travel preference, as they consider their lower carbon transport options in response to the climate emergency.”

“Journey numbers have been strong since the spring relaunch which shows that Beryl BTN Bikes are a popular, affordable and sustainable way of getting around and a scheme the city can be very proud of."

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