BarhaleEnpure JV secures £15m Fixby treatment works upgrade

Yorkshire Water is investing 15m in Fixby water treatment works

Yorkshire Water has awarded the BarhaleEnpure JV a £15m project to carry out major upgrade works at a key water treatment works on the edge of Huddersfield.

The project will conduct a programme of improvements to the Fixby plant which lies adjacent to the M62 on the northern edge of the Pennine’s town. 

Upgrades to the raw water blending and inlet mixing arrangements will include replacement of both the inlet and mixer tanks and the replacement and refurbishment of the existing 600mm pipework.

BarhaleEnpure JV will also upgrade the mixing arrangements of the raw water blend with the coagulation chemicals (ferric sulphate and lime); refurbish and improve the Dissolved Air Flotation plant (including changing DAF nozzles to Enpure’s Enflo-DAFTM system); upgrade and refurbish six rapid gravity filters to improve both clarified and filtered water quality; install a new polyelectrolyte dosing system; carry out upgrade and replacement across the lime discharge and dosing system and complete general upgrades to the built fabric of the site.

BarhaleEnpure project delivery leader, Chris Mathers, said the works are another important element in Yorkshire Water’s programme of investment to improve water quality.

“The works at Fixby will deliver a step change in the treatment works’ performance and ensure it exceeds the expectations of the Drinking Water Inspectorate both now and in the future,” he said.

The water treatment works upgrade is due to be completed before the end of spring 2025.

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